Personal Care Plan

Our "Personal care plan" is our starting point and the basis of our partnership in caring for your mom. Here at Serenity of Commerce, we construct a "Personal Care Plan" for each of our ladies upon admission to Serenity of Commerce and every year after admission (or after significant changes in mental or physical health).


We need as much information as you can provide to us... Learning her medical history and understanding as much as we can about her personality makes for a smoother transition into our care. Our staff will naturally act as an advocate on behalf of your mother, but our partnership in her health care starts with establishing a solid foundation of trust with accurate information about her medical history.  


Our "Personal Care Plan" begins with a comprehensive evaluation of the cognitive and physical health status of your mother. This enables us to determine what level of care is needed. Each resident will have an individual assessment and agreement that will define the scope of care and assistance (Personal Care Plan) needed so that each resident can function as independently as possible while safeguarding their dignity and welfare.


Our "Personal Care Plan" covers:

  • Social Skills: activities & hobby interest, speech, vision and hearing limitations.
  • Cognitive Status: orientation, decision-making, self-evaluation.
  • Medication Management: your needs to safeguard and administer medications.
  • Activities of Daily Living Needs: dressing, bathing, bathroom assistance, grooming, eating.
  • Psychological Well Being: mental and emotional health status, behavior patterns.
  • Mobility, ambulation, transfer skills.
  • Nutrition: dietary needs and restrictions.
  • Diabetic Management.
  • Pain management and comfort measures.
  • Regular Health and Wellness monitoring (nail care, foot care, labs, weight checks).
  • Skin Care: monitoring and treatments.
  • Safety: including self-evaluation, fall risk assessment.
  • Daily routines.

The "Personal Care Plan" will be developed prior to admission to our home and revised at least annually thereafter. Any significant change of condition will trigger a review and update of the "Personal Care Plan" after notification of proper individuals (i.e., resident, family, and physician). Routine communication with the resident and guardian is part of our monthly "Care Conference" where we review and discuss updates & improvements to your mom's "Personal Care Plan".