About Us

"Memory care focused - Assisted living for mom"
Serenity of Commerce is the perfect assisted living solution for those families that want mom to maintain all the comforts of a home and not be institutionalized in a large facility where the staff ratios are 1 staff per 20 residents. Here at Serenity of Commerce, we maintain a staffing ratio of 1 staff member per 6 residents during day and afternoon shifts.
At Serenity of Commerce, we provide a safe, secure, and warm home environment where we maintain activities of daily living, medication management and medical care while maintaining self-esteem and reducing the level of frustration from cognitive decline. We give our ladies dignified care while maximizing their cognitive and physical health. 
We are fully staffed 24/7 with trained med-techs & caregivers with complete access to physical therapy, skilled nursing and our house doctors (Primary care Physician & Podiatrist).
  • Skilled Nurses meet weekly to review.
  • House Doctors meet bi-weekly to review.
  • Family POA meets monthly to review.
We pride ourselves on that small comfortable home feeling while maintaining all the aspects of high quality care. We are a residential home that maintains a comfortable home decor that looks and smells like a home. The home has a spacious living area and a large rear patio area that provides a relaxing venue to the outdoors. Our ladies love to sit in the shade and relax over lunch and dinners in the spring and summer months. We often cook on the grill while enjoying family gatherings and weekly musicians centered around our ladies on the patio. (See our photos).
New Ownership 2019 - Renovated 2020 - Planned addition 2021