About our Staff


At Serenity of Commerce, our staff is made up of moms and daughters who all share a common bond of accountability, commitment, empathy, and kindness to the ladies in our home. Our staff is organized, experienced and diligent about the care of our ladies, the accuracy of our medication management system and the documentation required for the health care that we provide. 


A great example of this: Every month, our staff will coordinate and conduct a monthly "Care Conference" with each family POA.  In this monthly "Care Conference", the staff and family POA communicate on several topics ranging from the overall needs, memory care, behavior, healthcare, medication management & any updated documentation that is needed. Be sure to ask us about our  monthly "Care Conference".

Training our Staff

When it comes to training the staff, we maintain up to date certifications and train year around in one capacity or another. Here are just some of the aspects our staff is trained and certified in:


  • Memory Care
  • Med - Tech certification
  • Residential rights
  • Supervision & protection
  • Monitoring and tracking
  • Personal care
  • Nutritional care
  • Fall prevention
  • Behavior intervention techniques
  • Crisis intervention
  • Bloodborne pathogens
  • Concentrator breathing apparatus
  • CPR certifications
  • First aid certifications
  • Choking - heimlich maneuver
  • Wound prevention & care
  • 1 - person transfer
  • 2 - person transfer
  • Prevention & treatment of UTI infections
  • Six rights of medication management:
    • Right individual
    • Right medication
    • Right dose
    • Right time
    • Right route
    • Right documentation