Medication Management
100% accurate on our 2020, 2022 & 2024 state audits for Medication.

Medication management is the entire process that medicines are prescribed, procured, delivered, administered and then documented. Our main responsibilities here at Serenity of Commerce are administering, documenting & monitoring the medication for our residents.
When it comes to medication management, our team (Nurse Practicioner, Doctor, Pharmacist, House Manager and Family Medical POA) will treat memory loss, Dementia & Alzheimer's disease with the
"Lowest Effective Dosage" for her symptoms. As the later stages of Dementia take effect, we certainly treat for agitation & anger. Again, prioritizing the concept of "Lowest Effective Dosage" as our guiding principle.
Each of our memory care residents, their families, & their Doctors rely solely upon our staff of med-techs to administer their medication properly.  Collectively, we take this responsibility very seriously. In 2020, 2022 & 2024 we concluded our state audits and are proud to report that we were 100% accurate on medication passing! We had no medication passing errors.
Although we are proud of our 100% accuracy rate in each of those State audits... it was expected.  We have a relatively simple, accurate system of administering and tracking the medication and we have great teamwork within our staff. We cross train our staff so that they are routinely auditing each other. Each day, we audit our med cart and every one of our med-techs adhere to these six principles of medication management:
  • Right individual
  • Right medication
  • Right dose
  • Right time
  • Right route
  • Right documentation

In Addition to accuracy, our staff will closely monitor & track several factors such as:
  • What is the lowest effective dosage of medication? 
  • What are the medications' positive effects?
  • Is pill form the best version for your loved one? (some medicine can also come as a liquid).
  • Can the medicine be crushed and mixed with food? (This may also help in later stages).
  • For how long is the medication taken? (current or discontinued).
  • What’s the daily dosage? (how many pills and at what time of day).