Activities of Daily Living
How we Track & Report "Patterns & Practices"
All assisted living communities will assist your mom with her Activities of Daily Living (ADL's). Here at Serenity of Commerce, we take the additional steps of documenting, maintaining, and reviewing our ADL reports with skilled nurses, Doctors, and family POA.
We maintain a 24-hr around the clock tracking system on each individual resident that monitors & tracks everything from medication management to behavioral traits, cognitive traits, personal hygiene, grooming, continence maintenance, sleep habits, dress habits, percentage of food & liquids digested, medication reactions and shower schedules.
In short, we are paying close attention and each shift is monitoring, documenting & tracking our ladies. In turn, as we track, we start to easily recognize "patterns & practices" which we pass along to help improve care and provide feedback to the doctors & families. Ask our managers to see/review the ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) in your monthly "Care Conference" meetings.