Monthly Care Conference

At Serenity of Commerce, we reach out to you and keep you informed on your mother's care. Each and every month your mother is with us, our manager will initiate and conduct a monthly "Care Conference" with your family POA. 


In this monthly "Care Conference", the staff and family POA communicate on several topics ranging from her overall needs, memory care, her behavior, healthcare, medication management & any updated documentation that is required. Throughout the month, most of our families are in constant contact with our staff and the families are usually up to date on how mom is doing, but we like to maintain a formal monthly "Care Conference" to keep your family POA as informed as possible and discuss any issues that need to be addressed.


These monthly meetings keep everything in order and up to date for us while maintaining an open forum for us to discuss options, improvements & concerns for your mom's healthcare.


We easily adjust to her care needs:

Obviously as your mother's health fluctuates over time, we adjust accordingly and we keep you informed on all the necessary details. Our client-oriented approach allows our compassionate & professional staff to work with residents and families to tailor unique care plans that include the specific needs and preferences of each individual.


With our flexibility... when a resident’s needs change, we can easily adjust their personalized care plan to meet their current needs. Our skilled staff and practitioners are always available to ensure that your mom is well taken care of with dignity and respect as they enjoy the comforts of our home setting.