Assisted Living

We provide "Assisted Living" when families have come to the realization that mom now needs assistance with activities of daily living & 24-hour care and monitoring. 

At Serenity of Commerce, we are fully staffed 24/7 with trained med-techs & caregivers that will assist mom with any and all of the following aspect of daily living:


  • Personal Care along with supervision and protection.
    • The resident's care is our #1 priority.
  • Medication Management.
    • The right medication is our #2 priority.
  • Fall prevention with bed and chair alarms (Ask us about this?)
  • Personal Assistance.
    • Bathing, personal hygiene and grooming, incontinence management, clothing selection and dressing assistance, transfer and mobility assistance, reminders for meals and activities.
  • Care coordination.
    • Literally our manager handles all the care coordination and keeps you informed. When UTI testing is needed, our manager coordinates... When anything is needed we coordinate and keep you informed. This is all part of the package.
  • Meals: Three meals served daily (including any unique accommodations for required diets).
  • Housekeeping & laundry: This is done daily on each shift.