Medical Care

Maintaining optimism can do so much for your mom, so if you need assistance with memory care, rehabilitation, daily exercises, education on ailments, nutritional programs, or just a strong advocate for your mom, then our trained staff is eager to support your mom in reaching her milestones.
Our home is set up to care for and accommodate ladies that use both a wheelchair or walker. The majority of our ladies are prescribed a medical bed. All our ladies deal with some form of cognitive and/or physical decline, but they all maintain hope and strive to reach small milestones with the assistance of our staff and therapist.
Here at Serenity of Commerce, we are in a constant state of coordination and communication with our pharmacy, therapist, nurses, doctors and family POA's.
We are fully staffed 24/7 with trained med-techs & care givers with complete access to physical therapy, skilled nursing and our house doctors (Primary Care Physician & Podiatrist).
  • Skilled Nurses meet weekly to review.
  • House Doctors meet bi-weekly to review.
  • Family POA meets monthly to review.