Why Reviewing ADL Reports Are Important

13 Apr, 2021

ADL or Activities of Daily Living refers to the practices or the methods that we adopt to streamline the treatment towards better care for our residents. It is imperative to document and visit the ADL at regular intervals to see the progress of your mom with the assigned team of skilled medical practitioners. During such sessions, we also include family members as and when needed. This helps in maintaining transparency and at the end of the day everybody is on the same page concerning the development of your mom. 

We understand that at old age and with a certain memory loss people tend to show different signs at different stages but with a regular reviewing of ADL reports, we get to understand a pattern of each patient. This makes it easier for us to plan a personal care chart for our lovely ladies. As we keep reiterating our first and foremost aim remains to give each one of them unique and undivided attention. 

Documenting the reports and studying them along with doctors also help us to identify medical complications if any and thus prepare the medication accordingly. We also arrange the dietary plan as per the physical and clinical records to keep our ladies fit. 

We also include grooming; proper hygiene habits and see to it that everything is followed properly to avoid any chances of bedsores. We encourage our ladies to socialize and participate in their favorite tasks. This helps them connect with the external world and keeps them happy and cheerful from within. 

All these activities when properly documented, monitored, and evaluated by a panel of experts and shared with the family the growth story becomes evident. The families can also share their feedback at each step and help us improve with our services and make our mothers smile and cherish their stay with us.