How SOC Can Make Your Mom at Home

01 Sep, 2020

Old age can be a terrorizing and depressing thought for most of us, the challenges get multiplied with signs of memory loss or dementia. It is then that it gets very difficult for family members to take care of the ailing, elderly. An assisted living or facility is quite often the best solution. We take a lot of pride when we say that Serenity of Commerce is the best care provider for your mom and her health conditions. We understand it is a difficult choice for the family to entrust the responsibilities of their mom to an external agency so we doubly assure that we make your mom feel “at home”. 

Built on a sprawling and picturesque setting amidst lush greenery, our institution is an epitome of love and care. We treat each member as our family and welcome them with a warm hug. We ensure the comfort of home and beyond. Our top priority remains safety and security. Our trained staff maintains the best hospitality and medical standards and imparts a homely atmosphere round the clock. 

Apart from the physical and mental well being of your mom, we also take care of their social well being. Make them feel special in every possible way by arranging get-togethers, small picnics, and musical evenings. We believe there is nothing more healing than soaking in the winter sun and enjoying the spring breeze, we make your mom enjoy each season and its varied colors with us. 

At Serenity of Commerce, our main motto remains the overall development and assessment of each member with proper medical aid along with abundant love and care, so that they never miss their homes. The families should also rest assured because they know their mothers are in safe hands.