5 Top Benefits of the Personal Care Plan

15 Oct, 2020

Our Personal Care Plan is a customized plan that we design exclusively for your mom the moment we take charge of her holistic well being.  The primary focus of the plan is to make an extensive plan of the mental and physical development of your mom. The moment your mom takes admission to our institute we welcome her with a warm hug and then we take a detailed note of her medical history. We request the families to help us with providing in-depth details of your mom’s history, this helps us to peep into her personality. This makes us understand her personality better, thereby personalizing our approach towards her based on her past records and her behavioral patterns and requirements. 

Let us now elucidate the benefits of our Personal Care Plan –  

  1. Individual chart – We do not deploy the same plan for all our members, rather we have specific charts prepared for each member depending on their state, this ensures speedy recovery and flawless treatment methodology 

  1. Trusted partnership – Based on the information provided by the family our staff works on the treatment, this creates a strong and long-lasting foundation of trust and care 

  1. Periodic evaluation – The reports and status of your mother is being audited and evaluated periodically, this determines a transparent and error-free line of treatment 

  1. Improving social skills - Beyond physical and mental well being, we also give a lot of stress on improving social skills. We design a different program to work on their areas of interest and ignite their lost love for their hobbies 

  1. Overall dietary ad grooming - We monitor the overall diet plan of the members and make sure they have nutritious food keeping in mind their health parameters. We also groom them properly and see to it that all given point of times hygiene factors are maintained