5 Reasons Why SOC Is Right Choice for Mom

30 Nov, 2020

Essentially we think of shifting the elderly members of our families to an assisted living or facility when we realize that they are not being to take care of themselves. Staying on their own is no more a feasible and safe option. Even the family becomes inadequate to take control of such a situation. Nobody wants to see an elderly person slipping to dementia thereby not having their medicines properly, not being able to wear clean clothes, not having healthy food, etc. For the immediate family, it becomes an uphill task. Due to lack of expertise, infrastructure, and at times requirement of constant medical monitoring, home is not always the best solution.   

Even when we think of an assisted living there are few doubts that definitely come to our minds, after all, we are entrusting our loved ones to them. Through this blog, we would like to clarify such doubts and ensure our readers as to why we are trusted caregivers for your mom. 

  1. Homely atmosphere: Our institute is built on the principle of love and care and we treat each member with utmost sincerity, we make them feel at home. We believe with the comfort of home and emotional well being they will recover much faster 

  1. Trained staff: Our friendly and warm staff are on their toes 24 X 7 to give the best care to your mom so that they are never unattended  

  1. Safety: Safety and security remain our utmost priority. We conduct regular fire drills and comply with all  federal and state-level regulations  

  1. Excellent Medical management system: All our medications are properly audited thrice each day. We maintain a database to regulate all activities to ensure there is no flaw in the system 

  1. Tracking of Activities of Daily Tracking: We have a fantastic system in place to track each of our member’s daily activities. We document all of their habits and patterns which helps us to analyze their state 

We follow the above methods stringently so that we can come up with an error-free and conclusive report for your mom.