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About Serenity Of Commerce - Assisted Living & Memory Care Commerce MI - fam1

Meet the Owners, Nadir and Shaun

Shaun and Nadir are passionate about providing an environment that seniors and their loved ones can be comfortable calling home. Shaun has worked in health care for many years, and has a wealth of experience in geriatric care. Having worked closely with nurses, doctors, and social workers, as well as seniors and their loved ones, she has developed a strong compassion and understanding for the needs of seniors as they transition into a new stage of life. Together, Shaun and Nadir have four beautiful children and are proud to call Southeast Michigan their home.

“We have been involved with long-term care options for older adults for many years. While it is generally optimal for loved ones to remain in their homes, caregivers struggle to meet their changing needs and maintain peace and security. Assisted living environments certainly have allowed a wonderful alternative to nursing homes, and most appear to be apartment-style buildings. But when loved ones experience cognitive decline, research has shown that smaller, home-style environments provide greater benefits to residents by limiting the potential for isolation in their rooms. A home environment also promotes a person’s desire to continue normal activities that were once performed in their own home.”

About Serenity Of Commerce - Assisted Living & Memory Care Commerce MI - owners

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